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"David Delivery" - Where did you get that name?

I've been ask that question many times and the answer is not easy to relate quickly so here is the long version.

In 1977 I began working for Purolator Courier Corp. as a part time courier. Purolator was a rapidly growing, well managed company that I truly invested myself in knowing that if they succeeded, I too,would also succeed. Succeed they did (I'm not convinced I was a major factor in that success).

Sometime in the early 1980's Purolator started a nationwide advertising campaign describing itself as the "GIANT OF THE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY BUSINESS", which it was. Remember the word "Giant".

Also by 1984 I had been badgering our sales department about a potential customer who shipped hundreds of pounds per day and had told me he needed better service. After the proper contacts were made the customer did start using Purolator for everything that Purolator would take - about 20% of his business. For months I tried to show different people at Purolator how Purolator's system could easily handle the balance of the customers freight but I was always told "Purolator does not want that kind of work".

By early 1985 I was somewhat frustrated by Purolator's refusal to "make money" and one morning walked into the Managers office and ask ,"If Purolator doesn't want to deliver this freight can I get a truck and deliver it?". The manager's answer was, "You won't be competing with Purolator because we don't want or deliver that kind of freight, go ahead".

I know I had tinkered with starting several other businesses earlier and had considered how I could deliver the balance of this customer's business but I still think I was bluffing a little because I was a bit surprised by his answer - and now I needed a truck.

In getting the truck, authority, and insurance we (Mary & I) felt we needed a business name. I admired my employer, "THE GIANT OF THE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY BUSINESS", and thinking of the Bible story, "David and Goliath (the giant)" thought if they are the GIANT then surely we must be David. Besides, we had a son named David - it was a natural.

So DAVID DELIVERY was born. One customer, one truck, one family, and shortly only one income for you see, a few weeks later the Purolator manager called me in his office and told me that I was being released (fired) for competing with Purolator Courier Corp..

It was a sad time for me and difficult to be fired from an organization I admired and appreciated so much and had invested so much of myself. I would have been sadder still if I would have known then that in just 4 years "Purolator the giant" would fall never to rise again.

From 1985 to 2011 DAVID DELIVERY has been serving what must be the most loyal customers on earth. We salute and thank the drivers and our suppliers. In 2010 our customers trusted DAVID DELIVERY with 1500 trips to solve some of their worst transportation problems.

Don, Mary, and David sincerely appreciate everyone who made all this possible.

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